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Council also provides a consultation service designed to advise Applicants on the responsibilities of all participants in the Application Approval process and to ensure that the information Applicants have available is sufficient to perform an effective assessment

Whilst we strongly suggest that this service be utilised by Applicants, there will be some instances where a simple phone call will suffice. Requesting a consultation will allow Council to determine what action to take for your specific application. If you choose to request a consultation now, these details will be linked directly to your final Application Lodgement

Collection of Information & Privacy Statement
The information collected in this application form is being collected by Council for reference and identification purposes. We will only use personal information provided by you for the purposes for which it was collected and in order for Council to fulfil its business requirements.
In accordance with our Privacy Policy we will not disclose your personal information without consent to a third party, institution or authority except where required by law or other regulation.

Lodge Section 30 Building Permit

Lodge Section 30 Building Permit.

Lodge Planning Application

Lodgement of any Planning Permit Application where a permit is required under the provisions of the Melton City Council Planning Scheme.
Amendments to existing permits/plans, secondary consent applications and extensions of time cannot be lodged via this portal.
Please have all documentation and plans ready to upload before proceeding.
All fees must be paid at the end of this process to complete lodgement of the Application

Lodge Pre-Application

Enables prospective applicants to obtain written advice from Council on any matter that requires planning approval prior to the submission of a formal planning application.
A Planning Officer will carry out a basic assessment of the proposal against the Melton Planning Scheme requirements, and will also consult with other relevant Council departments which may have an interest in the proposal to identify any design issues that need to be resolved, or if any additional information is required to be submitted to enable quicker consideration of a planning application.
It provides the opportunity for applicants to receive guidance and direction on a proposal and for issues to be identified at an early stage.